Convert DWG to PDF

Good Morning,
I would like to see if anyone can help me, I would like to get all the DWG from a folder and its subfolders and convert it to PDF, would this be possible to automate? there are about 600 files.

Hi @igor.carvalho,

By “convert to PDF”, do you mean plot?

Hi @mzjensen
that’s right, I have 600 dwg files that I need to convert to pdf

Model space or paper space? One sheet size or many? Always with the same CTB or is there a mix?

The number of questions to your question makes this a very difficult thing to help with; wouldn’t sheet set manager and or/publish command work just as well?


Sheet set manager is probably the best way to go. Like Jacob says, it depends on if there are multiple CTBs, sheet sizes, ect. If I had a large amount of dwg files to organize according to plot styles and such prior to setting up sheet set manager I may consider using shutil for python: shutil — High-level file operations — Python 3.10.4 documentation

Honestly I’d probably organize them by plot style in file directories and create large sheetsets with all of the files according to plot style. Then run large plot operations. Once in PDF form I would separate the PDFs by looking for cover sheets with OCR and a PDF python library. Working with PDFs in Python: Reading and Splitting Pages

Not sure if this would be the best for you, this is just how I would initially approach the problem. There is probably a simpler way and I’m just overcomplicating :joy: