Comparing Vector

Morning all,
any idea why this is only returning False?

I basically need to keep the lowest horizontal surface.


How certain are you that there’s actually a vector in that list that also contains those values?

Because im looking to compare Vector with Vector… at least according to the nodes output :slight_smile:

Try using Vector.IsAlmostEqualTo node.


Works like a charm. Interesting
So would the underlying math be … not accurate enough?

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I’m not a huge expert, by I think the equality is heavily related to how the object is programmed to be compared to other instances, maybe this article helps.

See on the image below, using == on vectors yields false as they are not the same instance, but when using Equals it returns true as their properties are the same.


Please set the topic as solved if any answer responds to you question :slight_smile:

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For the record, i did tried with Equal also :slight_smile: same result in my case