Compare list of lists

Try it with nested lists because I could not get it to work even with lacing/cross product. The best node alternative I could get was using Clockwork’s ReplaceItemAtIndex+ and an if statement.

What are you looking for specifically? List levels works as I’d expect.

Not getting the same results in Dynamo 2.0.2:

2.0 changed List.Contains for worse in my opinion. It doesn’t handle list structure any more.
(Although it’s quite possible I’m not understanding how it works now.)

If you’re checking against the same list of values every time you can still get it to work on a sublist of items though.

Weird. Looks like Keep list structure wasn’t automatically updating. Once I manually reran the node it filtered correctly here…
but not here…

You could help me with this problem. I try to do the same process but with words and it does not work.
I need to compare words from one list to another

The original script was made for nested lists, so it won’t work for yours as is. This version should though.

mainList = IN[0]
checkList = IN[1]
OUT = []
for check in checkList:
    OUT.append([m in check for m in mainList])

Keep in mind that your current room names do not match the strings from the CSV. For example, 'cocina' is lowercase in the top list but upper case at index 2 of the bottom (this can be an easy fix by using .lower() on m and check). Also it is 'BALCON' from CSV but the O is Ó in the room name.

It does not compare the keywords. The results are false

Hi guys, is there any solution to get correct list with correct indexes? I have two lists for example, one is variable depending from project that is 0, and there is 8 possibilities can appear as in the picture below (all they are static)
Is there a script that can find needed list (from the right: number 7), but from the left list can appear any variable from the right lists.

You do not understand the amount of tea I drank to try and figure this out until I found you. Amazing!

If anyone interested Bakerys bv list contains picked out a non sequenced list for me. Noting else would sus it.