Compare Coordinationbody, how?


How can i check whether an Element matches to Element in a linked file in Positon, rotation and form ?

In my example i just did a rotation (projectbasepoint)



Hi @Draxl_Andreas …not sure probably something could work


Dont match:

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Hi @Draxl_Andreas,

Is it an idea to check it against boundingbox? the original and the deviant?

actully not…

… what i want is like in Navisworks. Compare two files → Compare two Elements wheter they are diferent in any kind.

Visually i do it all the time, just look, whethere the bodies overlap or not…

y tried Geometry Prune and UniqueItems but it says nothing about these conditions:

In my case these Elements (coordinationbudies) are correct, when they are at the same place and rotation without Geometry-Differences!

is there no node ?



Dont think we had a node there compare as naviswork, but you could try to get these revit parameter as naviswork compare and compare in Dynamo

Ahhh you could also try datashapes modelcomparison…but not sure it could work for you or this one here…

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Geometry.AlmostEqualTo would work to some extent.

I think pulling the verticies, convert those to points and pull the respective X, Y and Z values to strings with a given precision (ie: “X.xxxx”, “Y.yyyy”, “Z.zzzz”), and then merge them into a single string (X.xxxxY.yyyyZ.zzzz) and then do a string comparison between the two vertex strings.

This won’t catch all changes (ie: the endpoints of the arc stayed the same, but the radius changed), but it should catch most things which happen to a given element (location changes, mirror/flip status, orientation, new or removed inserts, changes in joined geometry). Be sure to select the object pairings by GUID in both cases - element location or element ID are not stable enough. You would then need to do a similar comparison for all element parameter values, as well as some properties (category, host, sketch plane, room location, etc.) and type information (ie: the wall instance is exactly the same but the family type is now 2 hour rated instead of 1 hour).

This is a LOT of work to get right, and even then without a full geometric comparison you’re in for some headaches as it isn’t 100% complete.

The better option in my opinion would be to use someone else’s system (ie: the Datashapes one), or better yet another platform (Navisworks as you noted, or better yet BIM360/ACC which does this automatically for any given published version, no action or extra compute required).

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