Color Dynamo Graph Lines


I’ve been working on a relatively complicated graph over the last two days and I find it hard to keep track of what input goes to what output once the graph starts looking less like math and more like spaghetti. I had an idea that I don’t know if I had seen before. Grouping nodes is something almost everybody does to keep things organized with colors and titles. Would it be possible to have the output lines coming out of any given group match the color of the group it is coming out of?

I’m already using node to code and creating custom nodes for repeated processes as much as I can, and honestly its not like the mess is actually stopping me. I just thought it was an idea worth bringing up.

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This would probably get more attention if posted as a “wishlist” item on the Github page here,

Example of another wish list item:


You could also try out the IГIS Dynamo Extension that is able to color nodes and connectors:


yeeeeeeeeeep I’m installing this right now this looks perfect. The fact that it will still let scripts work on users machines who don’t have it installed is a nice bonus too. Now I can just put it on my machine and those who see it and get jealous, and everybody else can use things as normal. Very nice.


Ah good to hear that.

It probably adds a couple seconds of loading time when a large script is opened / or the tab is changed since it has to change the graph for a lot of nodes afterwards but while running it should have no noticeable impact on performance. It’s a first version so I hope everything works fine.

I just hope that this users without the Extension installed do not in general delete all nodes without connectors or that are labelled unresolved :slight_smile:

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