Collect Structural plan view

Hello everyone!

I am new to the use of revit api and python along with it and therefore I am currently trying to get to learn it all.
I have just managed to create a code which creates structural plans based on the existing levels in the project.

Two things that I am trying to figure out are:

  1. How to change the names of the the plans in case I would like it to be other than the level’s defined name.
  2. On the path to doing 1, I am trying to write a new python node which collects the existing structural plan.

While trying to solve it I came upon the following issues:

  1. Once I created the views and try to define the view name using the Name property - it shows that the is no such property (on the python code).
  2. While trying to collect the structural plans - I use the OfCategory filter and narrow it down to all views. I know that I need to create a filter in order to select the structural plan views alone, and I am trying to use the WherePasses but with no success due to my lack of knowledge…

Appreciate the help!

Hi @zvith,

To set the name :
view.Name = name

To collect structural plans only, use a condition:

if view.ViewType == ViewType.EngineeringPlan :
    do something