Code Block input

Hi Everyone, how do I make “List.LastItem” (Doors) become Code Block (“Doors”)?

With best regards

not quite sure what you mean

The answer is possibly: select the node(s) then right mouse click on the canvas and ‘node to code’

The basics I want to have a list of all the doors that are in my Revit project.
Via Dynamo I filtered the doors that are in the outer walls.

since it has to be a Plu and play script, I want to use UI.MultiplelnputForm, so my colleagues who can’t Dynamo just have to write “Doors”.
Then the script itself has to find the doors in the project.

I dont see any problem ?

Best to use categoryName here instead of Name as the later is a method and as such could cause issues someday.

many thanks everyone.
Now it worksmany thanks everyone.