Check time before script and after?


I try to check time before script and after…I can use DateTime.Now…but struggling to find component that will produce date on some input so I could have end DateTime at the end of process?

Any help would be appreciated.

2016-05-13 08_24_24-DynamoDateTimeNow

Hi Michal,

Refer to this post You can look at dimitar’s graph.

thanks a lot Kulkul it works great, and will add now to all my scripts,

Hi Michal, I try to open the previous link but the Page not found can you support me for this graph

See if this will work for you. The start time should execute when the script is started and the end time will execute once the transaction.end node has executed. Feed you very last function into the transaction.end node. If this doesn’t resolve your issue, then I recommend starting a new thread.


Thanks a lot @staylor it works good

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