Changing the background color of individual cells in a Revit schedule

Hello all,

I am working on changing the color of individual cells in a Revit schedule. Ideally, each row will be one background color to represent a specific building type. I am aware that this can be done with conditional formatting, but that method is simply too tedious.

Currently, I have a dynamo graph where I am using some Archi-lab nodes (thanks Konrad), but unfortunately, Konrad even mentions in his package that he only managed to change parameters for schedule titles. I changed a bit of the python code and I know I am quite close, but my lack of object oriented coding knowledge is beginning to catch up with me. I get the error “Only allow to override cell style for header section or column header in body section.” Using Revit API search, I found that in order to change specific parameters for specific cells, I need to “set the TableCellStyleOverrideOptions in the TableCellStyle to override this cell.” Unfortunately, I have no idea how to use the TableCellStyle class to change my parameter.

Anyone have any experience with this?Below is my code and dynamo graph.


I haven’t been looking at this in a while but last time I checked what you are asking for was not possible. You can really just override header section and what some people were doing is actually putting all of their data into the header section of the schedule and then it’s easy to override them all. I am not sure if you will ever get this to work unless something has changed in Revit 2017.

This is what I feared. Not too big of a deal, I suppose that the header-data approach will have to work. Thanks Konrad for the awesome schedule nodes and for the help!

I have set the script but it is not working.
is there any possible way to get it working.

I am trying to get it as attached .png
Schedule Header Colour Override Graphics

Schedule Header Colour Override.dyn (25.6 KB)

Hi partha1986engg!
You don’t need to use Dynamo to do it.
Simply open your schedule view, select a cell and change the appearance from the ribbon menu on Revit 2021. I don’t know if this is available in the previous versions.