Change z(or x or y) coördinate of list of curves

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Is there a easy way of changing the z ( or x or y) coördinate of a list of curves?

What i’m aiming for is a 3D polycurve of the 2D version.

I’ve extracted the points of a list of curves and projected these points (instead of the curves itself) on a toposurface. This way the geometry stays much cleaner than when the curves are projected on that surface. The curves give much more intersections with the toposurface which results in much more coordinates.

Now I need to find a way to change z coördinate of the list of curves based on the new generated list of points with z values based on the toposurface.

I know how to extract the z coördinate of this new list of points, but then I hoped i could edit the list of curves with the node geometry.translate.
But this moves the curve (so start and endpoint) instead of the startpoint of that curve.

Anyone an idea how I make it work.
Any help is appreciated.

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Can you post an image of what you’re after? This is a bit tricky to follow. Sample files to use as a dataset would help as well.

Hi Jacob,

Thanks for the fast reply!
You are right.
When I wrote this I was not behind my computer.

Later I will make a printscreen of dynamo

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So here is the printscreen of dynamo.
I start with list of curves (of a floor element, but is not relevant). I project the points of these curves on a (topo)surface, so the Z compoment gets translated. Now I’m trying to rollback this translated Z component to my original curves, so I keep the original (number) of curves.

While setting it up in dynamo I tried some workarounds, but none of them give the exact result.
I start with 86 curves and I would like to end with 86 curves.

in the printscreen I made 3 workarounds:
1: created a new (topo)surface of the projected points and project the curves on this surface, but this is quite cumbersome. and still gives me 374 curves and as you can see not all curves are closed.
2: project the curves straightaway on the surface, but this gives me even 546 curves.
3. polycurve.bypoints from the projected points, but dynamo doesn’t know where to draw arcs.

I hope it’s more clear now.

I hoped someone could help me with my case. By explaining how I can control/modify the start or end points of curve without extracting the points first.

Maybe a piece of Python script? But I have no knowledge of python (yet).

The PullOnToPlane node for example modifiies the start and end points without first extracting the points from the curve list, so there must be a possibilty to modify just the startpoint of the curves list.

I tried this node by creating planes on the projected points (with modified Z coördinate) and then project the curves onto these planes, but again every individual curve (start and end point per curve) gets projected instead of just the startpoint. Because of this the individual curves gets disconnected and stepped.

I hope someone can help me to solve this problem.

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Same issue here


Apologies, but it’s hard for me to understand what is needed…

You want to keep the original lines but now they follow the topography?

Like this? I’m just guessing at what you’re after!

Or you want them back where they were, but segmented?

Hope that helps,