Change View Template with conserving existing filters

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to write a dynamo script which should be able to do the following:
- The script starts when a sheet is selected within Revit.
- In the beginning it asks the user to select an existing view template within the document.
- The chosen View Template has to be applied to all the views on the sheet.
- In addition of these modification, the script needs to copy some existing filters (which were applied on the views of the sheet) to all the views with the new view template.

I’ve already created a script which gives no errors and which should (according to me) do what is described in the beginning of my post.

However, it DOES NOT add the existing filters on the views with the new view template. I have tried many different flows, but I cannot find my error.

Is there anybody who can find my error or has some better ideas than mine?

Thanks a lot in advance!!


Would you repost the image with all of the results windows open? Also do any of the View Templates have Filters as a part of the Template? If so, then view specific filters would not be applied.

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Hi Sean1,

Thanks for your response!
In the picture below, you can find the different results windows.

The new view template has already some applied filters so in fact I want to add some extra filters to this new view template. I just extract these new filters from another view template. (Filters which I also created by another script using dynamo )

Check this and see if it get you what you need.