Change parameter values in multiple nested families

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Any ideas here? Please help

I have multiple nested families which need to change in some 750 odd parent families. Its a standard content for a client.
Example: I have A, B, C and D nested in X,Y,Z… and so on loaded in 750 families.
A, B, C and D have a specific code to their type. Which I need to update in all the parent families (X,Y,Z…750 families)
Any quick way to this using Dynamo or some plugin?

Any help is highly appreciated

Thanks… :slight_smile:

Could you be a little more specific in your explanation? First, and most importantly, are your nested families shared? Do you have 750 instances of these families that need to be updated or 750 different families? Are families A, B, C, and D all nested into X, Y, and Z or do certain parent families only contain certain nested families?

Shared families will make things much easier. You’ll be able to work with the nested families directly. Otherwise, I’m not sure how you can modify the family parameters of a nested family.

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The nested families are shared.
They were needed to be quantifiable with these specific codes.
These A, B, C and D(All) are loaded in X also, Y also and Z also… Similarly in all 750 families.
There are 20 to 25 odd such(like ABCD) families which first need to be updated by the codes and then loaded into all the XYZ (all 750 families)

If I’m understanding what you’re trying to accomplish there should be no “loading ABCD back into XYZ”. The whole point of shared families is that they exist in the project definition. Changing the families in the project is all you need to do. As for making those changes…

If the changes to the nested families are all type parameters, ie. all A (B, C, or D) families in the project are exactly the same:

You should be able to get your nested families by type and make the changes pretty easily.

If the changes to the nested families are instance parameters, ie. all A (B, C, or D) families in the project are NOT exactly the same:

You’ll probably have to create new types or use project parameters. It doesn’t seem like you’re not able to edit instanced family parameters for shared families.

But once you get that figured out you’ll have to sort the nested families by their parent family. It would be great if you have a parameter that ties each family together but you might have to do some sort of geometry test to see if a nested family intersects a parent family. Then you could set the nested family parameters based on the parent family - assuming that’s what you want.