Change multiple family categories

I have multiple families all currently set under Generic Models. I need to see if I can use Dynamo (or some alternative method) to bulk update the category for each to something like Speciality Equipment or Furniture as examples.

if you show your graph may be I can assist you!

Thanks. Apologies I am new to Dynamo.

Here you go…

Change Family Category.dyn (15.8 KB)

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Awesome. Thank you so much.
This may be for a Revit thread, but I can see that although the Categories have updated, I still need to manually select “Edit Family” and then “Load to Project” to administer the new Category.
Any ideas?

Close the project and reopen again. did you tryed like that?

Yes I have.

what is the result?

After closing and reopening, the category changes seem to have reverted back to Generic Models. I need to rerun the Dynamo workflow to enforce the changes. But then I am in the same prediciment where I still have to manually select “Edit Family” and then load the family back into the project.

A Family of a certain Category can be transferred to another Category, but not all categories are available.
If it can’t be done in Revit, it can’t be done in Dynamo.
Did you check if you can do it in Revit?