Can't Get Railing Material

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I’m trying to look for all materials in my model in orden to know if someone is default or missing.

The thing is that I have some issues with railings. I can’t get materials from them even when I have defined them.

find attached some pictures:

Any help to know why I cant get them?



I don’t see how to do this, the only thing that seems possible is to get the Material parameter of the Top Rails elements…

Thks Yna_Db

How could I get that?



It’s nothing more than this:

Scheduling railing materials and quantities is not an easy task within Revit, you will find related discussions in the dedicated forums. Dynamo could provide a solution but it would probably require some scripting…

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Thks for your answer


The storage type for the rail structure element (red rectangle) is “None”, and so there’s no API access to the underlaying (material) parameter data. Once access is open, a custom node can by written in Python (or C#) to allow Dynamo to manipulate this data.

API material parameter access to the other elements of a rail is available (green rectangle)