Cannot call Dispose() from C++/CLI

I have been writing a Zero Touch plugin in C++/CLI in the last one year, and while I have got used to many features of this language, there are a few that I still not familiar with. One suggestion in developing a Zero Touch plugin is that the Dispose() method is called whenever a geometry instance is not returned [link]. However, calling this method gives me:

error C2039: ‘Dispose’: is not a member of ‘Autodesk::DesignScript::Geometry::Point’

I read [elsewhere] that from C++/CLI I should delete this variable directly like in C++. May I just confirm with the Dynamo community if this is the way to go? Just in case the Dispose method is Dynamo-specific, instead of C#-specific.

A little related, should I also manually dispose/delete instances of my own classes?

Many thanks,

not sure, I have not used c++/cli to call our c# libraries before.
I think calling delete will be translated to a dispose call.

if your classes hold references to geometry objects, then you should dispose them as well and then dispose the references.