Can an external document be translated to 'current' document to work with Dynamo nodes?

Hi all,
Is there a good way to translate the dynamo node pulling an externaldocument into something recognized in a way similar to the document.currnet node? It seems like if I can make this step, i’ll be able to connect all the useful nodes I am more familar working with to extract geometry from all my data shortcut info into the current dyanmo instance.

I want to ultimatley pull corridor breaklines from source surface definitions into my current drawing and assign them all new elevations based on a long list of surfaces which are all potentially my bottom excavation surface.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

GetBreaklines.dyn (19.0 KB)

The short answer is no. But all those external document nodes in Camber are basically just wrappers for the Database class in the API, so you can do everything you’re describing by using side databases.

@mzjensen Thank you for sharing… Is there node to draw in externaldocument by input (geometry) like node (Object.ByGeometry) Thanks in Advance…

No, not at this time.

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