Calculating Formwork for columns

Hi, So I am working on a project in which I need to calculate the vertical sides of the Columns, for Formwork calculations. It is pretty simple actually… The only complicated part was actually arranging it based on floors as required for my Project. But Now my Problem is the Surface area it gives me is much more than the actual number, funnily enough the number of surfaces are ok and if I delete all other floors and keep one floor then it seems to calculate correctly… What could be the reason? Any clue?

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There is custom node from clockwork package “Element.Level” that will group elements by level. Good Luck!

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Thankyou for taking the time to reply… but my issue is not really grouping it based on floors… There are even more ways to group it up… My issue is it gives me wrong results… It strangely is giving me more Surface Area when there are columns above or below … where as it gives absolutely right info when I am doing it for one floor…(i.e. deleting columns in other floors and calculating for a single level)… Hope that makes the question righ more simple.

I guess it might be due to your process of your script can you show all the values your getting out there.

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Well, I have been checking the values. They seem to be ok. But I guess there is some mess up in the order at which the surfaces are being generated… I will look it up more and get back. Thanks

Hi Kulkul, So I thought let me just do it the entire thing from Fresh and use your way to group the columns. But when I use your way It doesn’t sort my list based on the level’s elevation. SO basically I still wanna group it out exactly the way u want to but then I wanna sort it out based on its elevationl… SO later on when I export to Excel I have something like
Basement 2 - 10000
Basement 1 - 12000
Ground Floor - 10000
1st Floor - 10000
And so on.

Right now it is random. See level 8 after Level 1

You’ll need to sort your columns by their level’s height first if you want the grouped lists to be in order:


You Sir are an absolute Beast… TY so much

Just Another question. My write to excel file sometimes gives me the output … Sometimes fails. Do you know why? I even tried with writing to csv and it still gives some errors… Any clue why? AM I doing it wrong? I usually get this error.

Your filepath only points at the desktop. you need to add the file name and the extension at the end :

Well it normally opens up an excel file if u don’t have a file name written. But even if I write a file name it does the same thing, Even if I make an excel file of the same name from before at that place still the same… Also it is something to do with my PC I guess cause it sometimes writes and sometimes doesnt… :unamused: