Block Referencing for Noobs

I’m totally new at this and thought the best way to learn was to try and build something I could use.
I would like to extract data from an attribute block and then use that information to insert an object specified by the attribute along a control line.

First I’m trying to collect the attribute data from the block, I seem to be able to select the block but anything past that has an empty list?

Can someone explain why?

Hi @craig.dunninghamCM5U,

Can you upload a screenshot?

Sorry I thought I did

OK. It’s because it’s a dynamic block. Give me a sec and I’ll show you a workaround.

Here are some options for you. Similar discussions are linked below.

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Thanks for a great reply and the block issue makes sense in principle

However, I can’t seem to find the Camber anonymous block name function, I have been through every subfolder and can’t find it.

I can only embed 1 screen shot

I noticed that you have released the Camber pack - thank you

For some reason I don’t think I have everything, could this be because of versioning?

Yes, most likely. Which version of Civil 3D are you using?


OK, you’ll need to update to 2021.3 for everything to work properly.

I can install 2.0 but have issues with the latest 3.0 version of Camber

What heading is the AnonymousBlocks function under?

You’re having trouble installing 3.0? You should be able to search for any node in the search box by name. You can find what tab it is by selecting the category after you find it.

I have loaded 2021.2 (only version I can get)


Sorry it’s inconvenient, but 2021.2 won’t work. It needs to be 2021.3.