BimorphNodes v3.0 for Dynamo adds Recursive CAD Link/Import Text Extraction Without Exploding

It might be an issue with layer names and language. Also there is a known bug in that node which relates to certain characters in the layer names. Try converting text on 1 layer at a time to reproduce the error, and once the problem layer is identified, share your file and I’ll add it to our bug fixes.


Thanks a lot for a brilliant Bimorph package!
Could you be so kind to upgrade Bimorph nodes for Revit 2022?
Can’t use many current solutions without it.
Element.IntersectsSolid no longer works.
Error message is:
“Warning: Element.IntersectsSolid operation failed.
Could not load type ‘Autodesk.Revit.DB.DisplayUnitType’ from assembly ‘RevitAPI, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’.”

And one more thing about improvement of Curve.SolidIntersection.
If some curves didn’t intersect solid, we lose info about it.
Maybe we can have this result list:
[empty,curve,empty] where empty lists are curves, which didn’t intersect solid.
It will be very handy for further lists integrity and operations.

Thanks in advance!

Maybe the solid is the problem

Thank you by your answer. I was trying with many individual layers and happens the same. You can see the problem with a very simple layer name:

I am going to try with Revit 2021 to see if is a problem of the Revit version.

Works with Revit 2021…

Its on the agenda, however I can say when the next release is as I’m too busy right now and want to completely refactor the entire codebase. I’ll aim to do this before the end of May but its tentative for now!

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Can you DM me a minimal reproducible case (Revit file) and I’ll investigate.