BIM Model Synchronization Error

Hi guys, I am totally new to the BIM Modeling world and i have a few Questions. I would be happy if anyone can help with answering them :slight_smile:

What would any of you do to solve the following cases…

Case 1 - if you are a BIM Manager and responsible for the administration of the user
and server management. You get a msg from a colleague abroad that he can no longer synchronize his model with the server and another colleague also reports that he can no longer open the project model.

What should be done in the following situation ?

Case 2 - If you are a BIM coordinator in a project in the tender phase of project and the external planner sends his first IFC model. But he sends the BIM model with all elements presented in LOD400.

What would you reply back to the planner ?
from my understanding Tender Phase elements should be presented in LOD350, is this correct?