"Between" node?

I’m working on a graph to identify which Zone my details lie in on my Sheets.
I have identified where the Views are on my Sheet, but I’m struggling with how to ID the Zone.
I’ve got a LIst of the X and Y values that determine the areas, but I’m looking for a node that will tell me which range the View lands in.
As a simplified example, my View has an X coordinate of 14.3
I have a list identifying my Zone’s X values as
0, 5.625, 11.25, 16.875, 22.5, 28.125, 33.75, 39.375, 45
Is there a simple node that will return the indices of the list a give value falls between?
Or do I have to set up some sort of a loop to test each one?
In VB, I’d do a
Select Case
Case 0…5.625
"return value 1"
Case 5.6325…11.25
"return value 2"
End Select

Or something similar
Is there anything like that in Dynamo?
I tried the Clockwork “Switch” node, but it looks like that want exact values.

Hi @DaveP

“List.AllIndicesOf” will do the job.

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Thanks, but I tried that and it doesn’t work for what I need.
List.AllIndicesOf requires an exact match.
I need to return the indices of the closest values higher and lower than what I pass it.
In in my example above, I’ve got a value of 14.3. I need to return 11.25 and 16.875.
Actually, I’d be happy with finding the index of the next highest - in this case 3 (the index of 16.875)

Could this help?

I was in the midst of posting my solution when your post popped up.!
Here’s what I did. It was simpler to just find the next highest value.
I’m ultimately going to use that index to return the matching Zone value (1A is lower left, 7H is upper right)


You’re welcome :relaxed: