Batch plotting multiple file sizes

How to add different file sizes?

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I’ve been trying to plot multiple sheets, wich is working fine for one size. I do want multiple sheet sizes plot in one dynamo workspace. I know combine by pattern should be used as described by Konrad K Sobon but I don’t know how. Please advice.


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in which Package can find this Node ?

Hi Pawel,

Its in Archi-lab Package you can search the package in Dynamo. See below.

Daniel, Please read this: Somewhere in there (might be a comments section) I explain how to plot multiple file sizes at the same time.

Dear Konrad, Thank you for your reply. I already looked over there. What you mentioned over there is as following:

guess ability to define your own settings will come super helpful when plotting PDFs to multiple sheet sizes. We could easily automate print setting assignment based on sheet size and make this tool even better. For now just pre-make one and use this node to select it: Edit 2015/08/08 : Print Settings now accepts a single item and/or a list. What that means is you can plot (100) sheets and for each one you can define (100) different print settings.
This meand that I will need to create multiple print settigns for each file size, wich is fine by me. What would be the best approach for this? Multiple strings into a list perhaps? Please advice. with kind regards, Daniël


You actually have to make a Print Setting for each sheet size that you want to plot. Then there is an example in the article i posted link to that shows how to structure your inputs. Basically, you have to make sure that if you have a list of 100 sheets that the Print Settings input is also a list of 100 Print Settings. It’s easy to set up a routine that checks sheet size and then you can apply proper print setting to it.

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I’m trying to print a batch of sheets to pdfs of multiple sheet sizes. (I have read Konrads superb blog post and comments several times, but I’m still stuck).

At the moment I have to manually match the correct print settings per sheet.

I have taken the first steps of listing the titleblock family types from my views. I think what I want to do is say;

if the title block is “A4” then use the print settings “X”,

else if the title block is “A3” then use print settings “Y”,

else if the title block is “A2” then use print settings “Z”.

Then I need to combine these settings in a list in the correct order.

So I am looking for advice about how to automatically match the sheet sizes and the print settings (where there are more than 2 options).

See attached png


@Konrad_K_Sobon I have a little problem. I followed your advise for printing multiple sizes but somthing went wrong.
The input for print settings is a list with 4 print settings that matchs the list of 4 sheets that are connected with the Views input. The problem is that all views are printed with the first print setting in the print setting list. The result is 4 PDF’s but all with the same print setting. Can you give me a clue where I’m wrong? Thank you!

Anyone with solution is welcomed!

I was playing around with the node and it seems that it always print ith Default print settings no matter what I feed in Print Settings Input. So I’m looking into the Python Script but I’m lost and I need some help.

Hi @Petar_Penchev1

Please create a new topic with images or files and someone will help you. Thanks :slight_smile: