Basic question - construction import to Advance Steel

Hello ,

I’ve seen some examples of building a parametric construction, but my question is:
Is there a way to place (in Advance Steel) the beams, columns, plates, etc according to the list described in external data file? If yes - which way would you suggest. - Dynamo/Python script?

I have already wrote a modeller for 3D designs that suits the company I work in, but I also like the way Advance Steel is building production drawings. I can export a file that will contain all the geometry data and I was thinking about a script that will build the variable constructions according to the imported geometry in AS.

I was not using Dynamo yet, but I just wander if the idea is not too complicated and worth of learning it.

more input Necessary.

It was just to point that my external file can be of any format. Let’s assume that the file is a text file (or *.csv) contains the beam with its position, length, vector, surface treatment, and type of beam that can be adjusted to Advanced steel database beam description, etc.

I just wander if it is any easier/faster than doing it with API.