Automating SD Room Dimensions in Room Tag / Decimal Feet to Feet & Inches Conversion

Hi, all.

I just wanted to share with everyone what I have created and also would like to receive feed back if there had been an easier way to accomplish this.

What I wanted to do was to create a Room Tag that can automatically give me the “rough” size of the room in X’-X" format. I wanted the rounding factor to be an 1".

I was doing some research in this blog and found the base work I can use. (Below image.)

Then, I have realized that I had to separate X values from Y and vice versa to convert them from decimal feet to feet and inch format.

After separating the values, I started converting them to feet and inches format.

Lastly, I stitched them together and pushed the data out.

After going through all this hassle, I’ve realized there got to be an easier and faster way to come to this point.
Just the fact that it took me (beginner without much of C# knowledge) this much of an effort to get to solve this simple issue was very overwhelming.

I am hoping that people who have experience in C# develop more tools for us that can be practically used.

  • Robert K.

Hi @robertkang26,

You don’t need C# for this. Use Python. Far easier learning curve. You can reduce all that to one node, much easier.



Thank you so much for your input.

Could you give me couple tips?
I went to Barnes and Nobles the other day and it looked like they are not doing so well. (Not many books and a lot of empty bookshelves.)

What would be my first step in learning Python? Any books, videos, websites or Youtube channels?

Enlighten my rookiness please.

  • Robert K.

The thing about the Bounding Box is that it doesn’t align to the object. That’ll be fine if you’re always orthogonal to the world coordinate system, but once you start making rooms at an angle to the WCS, your values are going to be off by, in some cases, quite a bit.

Aha! Good point. Thank you.

Can you post links to dyn for returning room size in feet and inches? Thanks. Or Package it. Or email it. Thanks a million. Eric

Oh man, this was beginning of the year and I believe I don’t have the file with me any more. I’m sure there’s better way to achieve this now because there had been number of iterations.