Automate Adding Spot Cordinate Tag

Is it possible to automate spot coordinates being added to a view and particular generic model like I have done below? These are generic models we use to show a penetration and pipe through a slab.

2021-02-25 14_26_27-Autodesk Revit 2020.2 - FWP2-BCE-HH-ZZ-M3-S-9001.rvt - Floor Plan_ 1 First Floo


Clockwork package has a SpotCoordinate node that I would recommend looking at.

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what do i here?

I attempted to use the SpotCoordinate.ByPoint node and could not get it to work. It would always return null. I did find this thread (Spot coordinates) and @fluffyhugger’s solution works to place a spot elevation for a single element. He goes on to explain how to make it work for multiple elements, but I did not have any success with that.

@fluffyhugger Would you mind elaborating on how to make the Python Script work for multiple elements?

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@Draxl_Andreas Bend and End are looking for Vectors as input.

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I’m detached from a dynamo workstation today but if memory serves correctly I needed to provide equal list sizes to all input nodes. I’ll edit this post once I get access and verify.

EDIT: Hrm. I can’t get the python script within the package node to run successfully even with a single point case. It executes but returns null with no visible change to the model.

I tried but nothhing happend? is this for orientation of the tag?

That’s correct. When I tried using the SpotCoordinate.ByPoint node, it would run without issues, but I too didn’t see anything happening. When I followed fluffyhugger’s solution using a python script node, I was able to get the tag to show up, but it would only work with one element at a time.

You try this.

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…when i place it manualy i works.

What could here the problem? Lacing? family issues?



Can you show me point?? use watch node after Element.Location.

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i restarted Revit, it worked