Assembly Points

It appears when using Element.Location a point is obtained that is the center point of the element itself. Below is an image of an assembly I have created and the blue is the point obtained from Element.Location.

Is it possible to obtain the origin point of an assembly? I was thinking I could try to create a bounding box and find the min. value but it appears element.geometry doesn’t work on assemblies? I’m getting an empty list. Any idea why this is happening? If a bounding box can’t be created from an assembly, are the other nodes I can use to obtain the point I’m trying to obtain (origin of assembly).

I’m using Dynamo and Revit 2016.1.8

Thanks in advance!

Show us your complete graph with errors expanded.

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Also bounding boxes could be an issue due to the likelihood of off axis assemblies.

@Kulkul I’ve shown a couple different attempts at extracting what I want. The element.Location pulls the Z which appears to be the center of the assembly. I’m trying to get the min z; the max z would be nice as well. The assembly itself has an origin which is set at the bottom and center x,y of the instance.

To get a max and min of the assembly I believe i need element.geometry before getting the bounding box. I’m getting an empty list. Assembly.Members will pull all members of the assembly. I was thinking maybe I could pull the max z value from that list of member (for each instance) to achieve what I want. I didn’t know how to expand this option though.

There is a node from clockwork package called Element.BoundingBox. i think that will give you the output min and max points of BBox.

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I actually tried this earlier. Sadly Element.BoudingBox doesn’t work for assemblies; unless I’m doing something wrong? However, it does work for Assembly.Members. I am seeing odd behavior when I extract the Z value from the MinPoint. Look at (7) in the list. In the MinPoint list it shows 0, but Point.Z shows -2.46…

I wasn’t able to get an answer to my original question. If anyone knows how to obtain this origin point, I’d love to know. My initial task was to tag the space name to the assembly. I’ve been able to achieve that with the graph below.