Are custom nodes in the way of generative design?

Continuing the discussion from Generative Design not running with custom dynamo package:

I have the same worries as this post.
Until now, I couldn’t find the cause by repeating various mistakes.
However, after looking at this post, I realized that the custom node I created might not be compatible with GD.
I’ll send you a graph and a custom node, can you check it? → Autodesk Drive
(Just in case, I also send dwg.)
I’ve been having trouble with GD not working well, please help me.
It’s for Civil3D, so please check with Sandbox.

Due to business information, I have deleted the data from the drive.
If anyone can see it, please contact me.

There’s no inherent issue with custom nodes. However they do still have the same requirements for GD as any graph, like no outside references without Data.Remember.

Thank you,@Nick_Boyts
For the time being, it seems that the reason why GD doesn’t work well is not the custom node.
I’m sure that (1) difficult calculations are being performed and (2) there are many parameters, so I will make the graph a little easier.
I wish you all the good news.