Apply Attachment Reference Type to Revit Links

Hi all, i’m quite new to Dynamo community, so my experience isn’t that much.
I’ll explain my situation: I have to link thousands of files to other thousand of files and those files have to be linked with Attachment Reference Type and Relative path Type. Relative is seted through AddLink Node, but I could’t reach to Reference Type. Exploring Revit API docs, i saw something like RevitLink Attachment Properties, but i don’t have enough knowledge to apply those codes into Python.

I searched the forum for a solution and didn’t find any. Actually my graph does what i want it to do except Reference Type (thanks to all knowledge shared here), Reads excel file, and brings exactly the document i want to link.

Thank you very much for your attention,


I am not sure what nodes you are using there, but you can add the AttachmentType to the created link like so:


Python code:



Hi Konrad_K_Sobon, thank you very much for your answer, it’s working perfectly for my graph.

To add some more info nodes i’m using are: Doc.AddLink from Clockwork package and ReadExcel from Hot Gear package, other are core nodes. And there is some warnings in the traceback box, and i don’t know if this matters, either if it works or not. I share with u the pick.

In any case, thank you very much


Is it possible to write a similar python script to just put out whether it is attachment or overlay? I dont want to change it, but I just want to read it for model auditing purposes.

Thank you for any suggestions!

Is there a way to just generate a report of attachment types rather than setting them?

I’m looking set the Attachment Type to Overlay. Is there a node for this?