Anyone able to override dimension texts for multi-segmented strings/dims?

I know you can do it for single dim strings, but unsure if you can do it for a dimension with multiple segments. I know you’d need the API and python, was wondering if anyone would be generous enough to give us a hand?

Yes, this can be done.

Rhythm package has the nodes you need.

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Which nodes?

I don’t wanna be rude, but maybe put it some effort yourself?

Search results for 'multi segment dimension' - Dynamo :roll_eyes:

Maybe look at a few of these topics. Pretty sure you can find an answer there…

I’m using Rhythm 2020.2.13 on my work PC. Upgrading it I need admin.

The multi-segment Rhythm nodes I have searched in this version don’t let me override the string value, as it does on the single dimension node. From what I understand, a single string is treated as a ‘dimension class’ which has the override property. However the multi-segment dimension is a ‘DimensionSegmentArray’ which doesn’t have the override property in the API…

I know Rhythm allows me to get the segments, but as its a segment array can they be overridden, that’s what I’m trying to find out. And yes I’ve searched those topics, couldn’t find anything or maybe I missed it.

If you looked (read) any of the posts you could have known that isn’t the case and that
all the things you mentioned are solved by the creator of the Rhythm package.

About the upgrading; you can allways try to manually ‘install’ the newer Package.

Manual installation;

  1. Download the package from
  2. Unzip it
  3. In Dynamo go to Setting > Manage Node and Package Paths
    and add the folder containing the unzipped folder of the Package

I don’t know if this will cause any issues with older (or newer) versions of Packages already installed.

Also Override Dimension Values - #14 by john_pierson :roll_eyes:.

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Just found out Dimension.SetValueOverride works the way I needed it too… Apologies for wasting your time, I tried it yesterday but didn’t work. Thank you so much for your support though, really appreciate it.

Found the earlier versions of this posts and saw people doing it through python then I got tunnelvisioned on the ‘DimensionSegmentArray’ class and trying to do it with python… Also didn’t know the Rhythm nodes existed cause I had to go through the Dynamo directory and they were appearing in my ‘quick search’. Valuable lessons learnt.

Thanks a bunch again.

That is what i was about to post (not even sure why after your boo boo reply :angry:).

All I can say is sorry, I’m new and I was tunnel visioned… Kept trying to go to Rhythm nodes and Python since thats all that was mentioned…