Any nodes can clear family type name to blank?

Do you know any nodes can clear the string of family type name?
Generic-200 >> Wal-Concrete-200mm
RC_WALL-300 >> Wal-Concrete-200mm

All original wall type name will be replaced by a fix name Wal-Concrete-Wallwidth.
I want to make a dynamo script to clear the original faimly type name, then replace a fix name (xxx-xxx-width).
Is it possible?

Shouldn’t need to set the name to blank first, just modifying the property directly to the desired value should do the trick. If memory serves there is a ‘setname’ node in Archi-Lab, or ClockWork which will do the trick, but there may be an out of the box node which serves the same purpose just as well too.

Are all of the walls a different width? Otherwise dynamo will overwrite the ones that have the same thickness (or give an error).

If they’re all unique, this should do the trick.

I didn’t use the out-of-the-box WallType.Width because it returned the width in inches and had to convert to mm. You can try to use it, maybe yours doesn’t do that.

I convert the width to a integer so I don’t have trailing zeros (like 100.0000).

Hope this helps!

Thanks for your explanation!

Thank you so much! It helps.

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