Annotate Pipe Slope Direction

Hello Community

I am trying to build a script that annotates slope pipe direction.
Below file .rfa is the Detail Items for Arrow Direction.

Direction Arrow.rfa (320 KB)

Below file .dyn is Dynamo Script which I tried to create the pipe slope direction

Pipe Slope Direction1.4.dyn (94.5 KB)

I tried to recreate the pipe as a line with reference to their slope direction which I failed

Problem: I need to get the arrows according to the pipe slope. But it fails in few cases?

Output Required: All pipes in the view need to annotate according to their slope direction

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@Mepdot Try this:
Pipe Slope Direction1.4 - Amol.dyn (51.2 KB)

Angle Calculation Logic from How to get the right direction of columns from AutoCAD file - #2 by c.poupin


Hello @Mepdot,

check the above solution,
I have used arrow family to show the direction of the sloop.
Hope this will solve your problem.

Arrow.rfa (344 KB)

Home.dyn (39.1 KB)