Angle between two vector, correct angle?

Good morning!
I have a little problem… I can’t understand why the node (angle between two vectors) declare lecture from 0 to 360 degree but it give back data of angles only interior or “more near”… why? any idea?
I would like to have increasing angles… if I use the on right angle rotating it will be always on the right… and not one time on the right one time on the left…

is there a command for to set the correct direction, for example interior angle o external angle?

I hope that this images help you to understand my problem…

thanks for your attention!


Schermata 2016-05-06 alle 09.55.20

See if this helps

File: VectorAngle.dyn (ver 1.0.1)


Thanks Vikram for your reply!
I will try, your solution in my algorithm…

I want to understand the my “wrong” logic in dynamo…


Thanks Vikram! I resolved the problem.


Glad to have been of assistance.

Was the direction of the rotation axis the cause of your problems?

The reason was, maybe, the version of dynamo … there wasn’t the node (vector angle about axis)…

I installed Dynamo 2017.