Aligning Views on Sheets

I’m working on a routine to place Views in the same place on every Sheet.
The problem I have is that the Annotation Crop varies for each View and, thus the Bounding Box is different.
I want the Model to be in the same place on each sheet
Starting with this discussion
Kulkul came up with a python script to reset all of the Annotation Crops to 3mm (or whatever units it uses)

My concept is to save the View Template, next remove the VT, and then turn off All Annotations - similar to unchecking the checkbox in the V/G dialog “Show Annotations in this View”
Then I can run my “Line 'em up” part, and finally, restore the VT from above.

Two questions:

  • The one that may invalidate the whole idea: How can I disable Show Annotations in this View"?
    I see Workset and Filter Visibility nodes, but nothing for Annotation
  • What’s your opinion of the process? Worth it? Any better or worse than the python?

Hi @DaveP

You can get the viewports of the sheet and disable annotations on the views.“Sheet.Viewports” is from archi-lab package.

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