Adding different value in each type to one parameter

Hi there

I have a problem with setting values to same parameter in defferent types. I think that problem here is that different types have different values of this parameter and I don’t know how to skip this.

Here is what I’m looking for. I’m importing form csv a column with country names and then to each family type I’d like to add a value to parameter named “Available in countries” from imported data, for example 1st type gets 1st value from imported data, second type gets second value … I’m using Parameter.SetValue node and there is problem, number of everything is correct I have 23 types, I repeated Parameter name 23 times and also I have 23 values imported from csv but it sets in all types one (last) value from imported data.

Am I doing something wrong or this is not correct node to use for this type of action ?
Thanks for any help

@AZbo ,

Parametername should be unique Items… :face_with_monocle: Are you setting Instance or TypeParameters?

These are shared TypeParameters


You can try with Archi-lab

It doesn’t work with these nodes :neutral_face: I don’t know what to connect as an element

Make sure your input lists have the same size and layer setup.

Your “parameterName”-list is a nested list, where List[0] is a list with your parameters. While your “values”-list is a list with the values. Your List.OfRepeatedItem should be flattened (or select the first layer, like you did on List.Count)

I flattened this list but same problem. There is clearly ploblem with parameterName it needs list with same number of elements as parameterValue thats why I used List.OfRepeatedItem to multiply Parameter name * number of values and there is problem, when I create list by hand with 23 different parameters name each gest different value but if all 23 parameters name are same each of them gets same value (last from values list)