Add to electrical system method

Hi, and once again thanks for the help in advance.
I have a question about using the API to connect a set of elements to a common circuit. I’m writing a a python node that accepts a list of connectors with the intention of creating a circuit and placing all of this connectors on the circuit but I think I’ve hit a snag and would like to check understanding.

it does not look like I can connect everything together using just connectors. The create electrical system method, as I understand it accepts a a single connector. My code uses this on the first connector and then my plan was to use AddToCircuit for the rest. However I just discovered that AddToCircuit wants elements, not connectors.

Do I understand correctly? Do I need to rewrite this so it sees a list of elements, and then pulls a connector off the first element, use this to create an ElectricalSystem and then loop through the remaining elements calling AddToCircuit? Is this the best approach?

thanks again.