Add item to end

Hello all,

i have 3 lists

i want from a list of 3 points (always the same number as the number of lists) to add the first point to the first list, second point to the second list, etc. So i thought that it could be done with ‘’ and ‘AddItemToEnd’. But after the run, the entire list of 3 points is place after each nested list.

I also tried transpose, but that’s not working

lacing and List@Level seems to do the trick


sorry for asking, but i am quite new at this. How do you get ‘List.AddItemToEnd’ with all those variables, when i get the node List.AddItemToEnd i get this:

No problem, click on the little arrow that looks like this “>” and choose L1 for first input then L2 for the other input.


great!! thanks a lot

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