Access attributes in blocks

How can I access attributes in AutoCAD-blocks with dynamo?

I have used data extraction in Civil3D for this- but it was prior to Dynamo for C3D being released.

The nodes in D4C3D generally seem to be for C3D-specific objects (such as corridors or alignments) rather than standard AutoCAD objects such as blocks- but this does not mean it is not possible.

I am wondering if there is a list of D4C3D nodes somewhere ?

@paul.vandorst This will be covered in the new release most likely with a set of dedicated nodes. You can see for yourself from the beta website (you need to be subscribed to the Civil 3D Futures Portal).
In the meantime you can leverage Python and .NET.

Have a look at this Dynamo Graph GetBlockReferenceAttributes.dyn (5.9 KB)


Building on top of Paolo’s nice Python script I would like to share this script that reads out the attributes of blocks I use for Shared Coordinates.

Typically I use this Excel file to define Sites in Revit. These Defined Sites in Revit have ‘host’ the different Shared Coodinates.
Define Sites for Shared Coordinates in Revit

ExampleDrawing.dwg (898.5 KB) ExampleDrawing.xlsx (16.0 KB) GetSharedCoordinatesBlocks.dyn (65.8 KB)