A new Fabrication Package approaches

Hi all,

Just wanted to share that I have published a new package this week that aims to help with using fabrication parts in Revit. Fabrication Bolognese. The goal of this package was to add to the all to small arsenal of packages for fabrication parts. Previously there were only three others, DynaFabrication2017 and 2018, and Fabrication API. Fabrication Bolognese adds some custom nodes that access different parts of the API for fabrication parts that these other packages were not using yet. Hopefully adding my nodes to the mix will help some people overcome the shortcomings that fabrication parts in Revit have right now. Some of the more useful nodes included in Bolognese are described below.

β€’ FB_Read/Write Custom Data – These two nodes can be used to read and write from custom data fields of fabrication parts. The index of the custom data field must be known. Also, these two nodes can currently only read and write custom data fields set up for text. A simple change of the API method used can alter them for integer or double values if need be.

β€’ FB_FAB Ancillary Usage – This node pulls all the ancillaries from the fabrication part. This can be very useful when dealing with hangers that use ancillaries, or ancillary kits, to govern hanger rods. Hanger rod counts, size, fasteners, and fixings, can all be retrieved with this node and brought into Revit.

β€’ FB_Fab Part CID/NOT CID Filter – These nodes can take a list of any kind of elements and filter them down to only fabrication parts. The CID filter is an optional step that will further filter down the list to fabrication items that only match, or only do not match, the input CID number depending on which node is used.

β€’ FB_Set Hanger Struc Extension – Can be used with an input list of fabrication hangers to set hanger rod extensions into (or away from) their host structures.

There are a few others in addition to this, but you can play with them yourselves.

Many of you on this forum have helped me get these nodes into publishing shape and for that I thank you. That being said, I called it Fabrication Bolognese because to an experienced developer my code probably looks like meat sauce and there are probably more efficient ways to write some of it. So if you find yourself using them and have ideas to improve or add to (and feel like sharing with me) reach out! If you have any problems with the package while using it, also reach out! I’ll help as best I can.

If your going to be at AU, I have two class sessions that will be showcasing how I used some of these nodes to model fabrication hangers in Revit and do things like point extraction for robotic field layout of points. The class ID is FAB322869.


@L-Vettz are you aware of any way to reverse the process and take fabrication components and turn them into generic design components?

I can’t install the fabrication API package with Fabrication bolognese.

Just tried the bolognese, but apart from the error for the api install, it does nothing once that is removed. I suspect it to be the part customdata and not the job custom data, but that does not show anything too.
Also it seems to conflict with the spring package. Am I missing something here?

Do your fab parts already have custom data fields 0-8 created? The writing node needs a field to write to, it cant create them on its own. That has to be done within the fabrication suite of software. Not Dynamo/Revit.

There is no way to do this currently.

Yes, and I made sure they had values (imported from cad).