Detail Number comes from Location on Sheet(A1, B2, etc)

@Nate_Holland’s Autodesk University class from 2015 has some information on this.

Page 17 of the handout is where he gets into what you are asking for.

Thanks for the reply @john_pierson ! I followed the instructions but it seems that the “Viewport.Pts” node from the “Hollandaise” Package is no longer included. Being a novice in dynamo, that basically stops me in my tracks. Any advice?

Viewport.LocationData from Rhythm should be able to take that node’s place. Perhaps one of these days I will wrap Nate’s custom workflow in a single node.

I had to tweak it pretty hard for the titleblocks in my office (or at least thought I did). If I’m alone in that, awesome, if not, is a custom node the “best” approach?

Honestly… I never know when to put something in a custom node…

Good point. :thinking: I’ll just supply the pieces to make it happen (Like the above node). Once it becomes a single (tool) node, it becomes somewhat of a maintenance nightmare.


Thanks John. I’m a simple BIM Coordinator with little dynamo exposure so the simpler the nodes are the better but I understand the issue once it’s become “too simplified.” I’ll keep trying and keep you posted.

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No worries at all. Give it some tries and report back as you progress. It is a process, but you can get it!

Outlining the process is always great:

  • Get the viewports to work with
  • Establish grid on sheet
  • Get viewport location within the grid
  • Set the detail number based on this grid
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Nearly every good graph I have ever made on my own starts with a piece of trace and a sharpie outlining things just like that. Unless it’s something simple or a tweak on an existing workflow, this helps me keep on track.

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Morning gents,

So I completed the entire layout as best I could but there are still a bunch of missing nodes that either weren’t included in the packages any longer or are somewhat formatted differently now. I attached the .dyn file so if anyone could give me some pointers or know where I can find the correct nodes that would be great. If you compare my dyn file to the image John posted above it will look pretty similar aside from the obvious milling nodes.

@john_pierson, the node in Rhythm you screenshotted doesnt seen to be part of the package anymore. Any other ideas?

Home.dyn (39.0 KB)

The node should still be in the latest version from the package manager

Was there any resolution to this issue? I’ve recently come to a firm that uses similar grid addressing for details and I’ve downloaded the script from the AU class (thanks for posting the link … I actually sat in on that class when it was presented, but couldn’t remember which year nor find it searching via the AU website). I was able to find & install one of the extra packages referenced in the script, but not those noted “Archi-Lab”. There are actually two possible packages: “” and “archi-lab_Mandrill” … should I try these?

I’ll admit to being a complete NOOB with Dynamo, so this might just be beyond my current skill level. is the one you want.

Thank you. That took care of most of the errors. Just one custom node to resolve “Duplicate Item Indices”: image

So I replaced duplicate indices node with a similar node from archilab and replaced the active view node from Springs and it runs with no errors: image

Except that it only actually changes the number on one viewport … and that one is not relative to the grid setup per the class example.

Does anyone have a working copy of this? I keep getting hung up on the part going from to Point.X / Point Y. I think its because I am using Viewport.LocationData which which gives multiple points for each viewport.

Got it working :grin:

Mind sharing your working copy? I’m just learning, and going bonkers trying to get it to work…

I replaced “Duplicate Item Indices” with “List.DuplicateToMatch”… Not sure if that was right, but it at least got rid of the warning. Still haven’t been able to get the others fixed…

I updated the archi-lab package and was able to find the correct, “List.DuplicateToMatch” but noticed that in the class example under, “Set temporary detail numbers to avoid duplicates” group, he connects the, “Set BuiltIn Parameter” to “Lists.DuplicateItemIndicies” under “Remove Duplicate Addresses” group.

The “Set Builtin Parameter” I’m using from Archi-Lab only has an “_out” and not an “Elements”… Wrong package?

Aloha all. Quick update. I have gotten super busy so I’ll add a quick explanation and share what I have currently. I am still working on it so its still kinda messy. Works best in Player.

First and foremost, this graph works with Revit 2022. For use on the 2020 version, the viewport location box outlines (Origin) are different and require minimal tweaks.


Required Packages: & Rhythm.

Project Units: mm
Where I work, we have the grid as “1-20” wide and “A-P” Tall. You will need to create and label dimensions as shown in the image below. Make sure to match the labels as your graph calls to them specifically.


When you have your titleblock updated with the labels, load it into a project.

Before running the graph, change your project units (Length) to mm.

AlphaNumeric.dyn (181.2 KB)

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