Curtain Panel Schedule to read room?

Hi Dynamo world! I am trying to create a Curtain Panel Schedule with the Room information. I was suggested to nest a furniture family into the CP Fam. and create the schedule for it. But that I would most likely need Dynamo to push in the information? Is anyone willing to share any guidance, script, or explain a workflow on how to achieve this? I am not a Dynamo person so I’m not too sure how to go about it !! any help is greatly appreciated! thank you!

This might help: Write room number to curtain wall - #6 by Paul_Wintour

Another idea is to get the centroid of the panel, and shift it by a small distance into the room, and then ask ‘what room is at this point’ - the GetRoomAtPoint node in Archi-lab package - and then father whatever info from the room and write it back to the curtain panel parameter.