Archi-lab Warning AssignRatings

I’m working with the fantastic range of archi-lab nodes relating to warnings by @Konrad_K_Sobon, but I’m running into an issue. I’ve downloaded the zip file available here:

and am using the csv library file, but would like to adjust some severity ratings according to my specific workflow.
In order to test this, I created a couple extra warnings in the Revit Sample file (namely duplicate type mark and mark errors), and changed the csv file to give a rating of 20 to a duplicate mark warning.
However when running the script, it does not appear to be applying the rating as I would have expected?
Can anyone shed any light on where I’m going wrong?
Revit 2023.1
Dynamo 2.16.1


Two things come to mind:

  1. Refresh the CSV as a first step. Disconnect the input from the file path, run the graph, get errors on just about everything, reconnect the input, and see if that fixes it.

  2. Try a smaller value, say 1 or 3, to see if the tool limits you to a single value. If so you can configure your customization accordingly.

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Thanks, I gave both these steps a try, but I’m still getting the same issue. What’s more, for the duplicate mark/type mark errors, it is assigning a rating of 0, regardless of what is saved in the csv. Very odd!
I hope I don’t need to go down a different route to get this to work, as I really like the archi-labs approach to handling warnings

Can you post a model, your CSV, and the graph as it stands? Having that legwork at a consistent base will make it easier for others to help.

Also, make sure you’re using the right version of Archi-Lab for your Revit build.

Sure, hope this is of use:

Now looking into it, does archi-lab work with dynamo 2.16?

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Yes, but…

  1. Make sure Revit is fully patched.
  2. Make sure your Archi-Lab build ends with the same two numbers as your Revit release.