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Last week I finally finished the development of a script for my firm. I had fully tested it for months and spent hours making sure no warning should arise in a typical use scenario. Yesterday I had to reinstall Dynamo on my computer (no biggy right?). Today I had to install Dynamo on some virtual machines so a user could finally use the script I spent months developing.

The user came back and said errors were popping up when running it. Sure enough, there were basic errors. I booted it up on my computer and I was getting the same errors. I spent hours making sure the script would not error out in this way.

I downloaded the latest build for 2019 ( from when I reinstalled on my computer and the fresh install on the virtual machines.


I found a computer with the same version of Dynamo ( that I was using for testing last week and everything working as tested.


Is it possible to download Dynamo It would save me a lot of time and headache if I could install a version that does not error out when Empty List are passed.

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Why not just use if statement to filter out the empty list?? BUT i believe this is a lacing issue, try setting it to the longest for the first scenario, it should work.

FYI @solamour this doesn’t look to be expected behavior.

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@stillgotme what would you suggest I replace a single empty list with? My script has many parts and some of them do not always need to run. I found that passing empty lists would not cause errors in many nodes. The below image is how I have shutdown sections of my graphs. T/F input from the users will pass data to this section or pass a single empty list.


I am not sure what other nodes are also being affected by the change but the Geometry.Translate node is as well. If I find any others I will report them.

Do you know if I can download from somewhere?

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@Aparajit_Pratap did you have any insight here? :slight_smile:

@solamour this is a regression and has been fixed only recently in 2.7 by @ashish.ganta: This is related to the other forum issue: Custom Node will not accept empty list


Thanks for the fill in @Aparajit_Pratap!

@Steven Unfortunately, this is a regression of behavior that will only be fixed in the 2.7 version of Dynamo as Aparajit noted above. We’re sorry that we didn’t catch this sooner :frowning:

Have you found a viable workaround yet?

Thanks, @solamour and @Aparajit_Pratap,

My script still works but tosses errors every time it runs preventing users from knowing if an actual error was generated. The script has been set up with the player so its even more problematic since they cannot see what the errors are.

I had fully tested version Is it possible to get the .exe of this version?

As for a workaround, I found a while back that Function Apply will not trigger a warning but then requires cleanup as it will produce a null value causing more nodes to error. I have implemented this workaround in key parts of the script already and can apply it further.

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All of our builds are posted here: :blush:


I looked on that page but I cannot find that build. There is only one 2.0.3 build on the page. Am I missing something?

@Steven Do you not want to download the DynamoInstall2.0.3.exe build from here? We have only this build - no other associated Daily Builds for that release.

From Revit 2020 onwards, there is one static version of Dynamo inside each Revit build that is on a per release basis: Point releases will have an incrementing Dynamo release to them. You can manually choose to install Dynamo 2.0.3 for Revit up until 2019 version only. This is referenced here in more detail:

I was wondering if I could get the older The 2.0.3 that is on the page is (the one that has the regression error).

95% of our projects are 2019 or before. I only know of 2 projects at my firm in 2020. I look forward to jumping into 2020 or 2021 but until then I am stuck with 2.0.3

Thanks for your help @solamour

Ah, we’ll have to see if @Michael_Kirschner2 or @Aaron_Tang know how to access that one :blush: