Zero Touch Problem

I’m New in Zero Touch, but i’ve try to understand. I have a Strange problem. I try to create this node but I have a error. I add the reference.

Please help me!

Hi @Bim

Could you please upload the image again. It is not readable. Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, The message is “The type or namespace “Autodesk” Could not be found (Are you missing a using a directive or an assembly referece?)”

@Bim See if this helps!

Yes, i already did it but still got the same error. I think that the problemn its with the references. Thank you.

I use visual studio 2013 exprress, could be this the problmen?

@Bim Did you select Class Library when starting a new project?

Are you using .NET Framework 4.5.2?

Really I already use .NET Framework 4.5.1

I do not understand why the program tells me that I have not added reference.