YourDesk University: Online Industry learning during COVID-19

Hello all,

A bunch of awesome folk in the AEC space have set-up the YourDesk University; A series of industry wide events covering a huge swathe of cool things, delivered to any who wish to join in for 30 minute slots at 7pm EDT on selected Tuesday and Thursdays. A huge shout-out to @Timon for setting this up during these trying times and putting education at the forefront :slight_smile:

The first even kicks-off tonight with @john_pierson presenting on Dynamo, Why So Serious?! so please sign up, come along, hang-out and learn some stuff!

The full series of events can be found at the YourDesk University website where there are currently the following Dynamo classes - albeit these are subject to change so please keep an eye on the website and sign up for communication!

  • Dynamo, Why So Serious?!, by @john_pierson, on Tuesday April 7th at 7pm EDT.
  • Dynamo for the Masses, by @dana.defilippi, on Tuesday April 28th at 7pm EDT.
  • Dynamo, Python, and Git: A Tale of Two Weeks, by Courtney Dugan and Jeff Rynes, on Tuesday May 9th at 7pm EDT.
  • Dynamo Packages That Will Rock Your World, by @CStorms, on Tuesday May 26th at 7PM EDT.

If you wish to add your expertise into the mix, then please visit the YourDesk University contribute link and submit your proposal!

Hope to see some of you there!



Seems like there will be a lot of helpful information here–I’m particularly interested in the May 9th talk. Many thanks to all involved in putting these together.

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