XYZ Cell


I can’t find info about XYZ Cell(found in node XYZ Quad Grid by Face)? If i miss it anywhere, i’m sorry.

As i understand it likes voxel. I use standalone of Dynamo and trying to operate dynamo’s geometry/objects. Can i use it with solids?


If i don’t use revit adapt.component, i should describe procedural patten in space of pseudo cell?

I use standalone dynamo, have mesh/solid as host for pattern and try to populate patterns over host - all without revit api.

Hello Ilay,

I don’t think I understand your problem fully.

You can use Standalone Dynamo for creating any kind of Geometry objects. We have entire new Geometry Library which can run without Revit.

Let me know what exactly you want to create using Standlone Dynamo.



Hello Ritesh

I mean how describe placement, conforming of elements for paneling/population.


  1. I have mesh(via mesh toolkit) with few polygons(low polygon model). Mesh has non regular grid of vertex. Need to re-topology.
  2. Somehow making regular grid and getting points for placement. I download different solutions like LuncBox, Clockwork and XYZ Quad Grid by Face for understanding how to panelize.
  3. And i stack how to make procedural panel, as i understand XYZ Cell Quad is for revit component?

Sorry, LuncBox > LunchBox

And i’m sorry for English

All the paneling nodes that are available in various packages rely on surfaces - which is exactly what you don’t have, because you are working with a mesh.

I think what you would need to do is project a grid onto your mesh in order to compute placement points for your panels. Or find a way of converting some approximation of your mesh into a surface (e.g. by lofting sections of your mesh).

Hello Andreas, thank you

I also think about Hodge Helmholtz Decomposition for remeshing like in this doc

Small experiment - putting of rhombic prism in cylinder

i will make more procedural


Hi there,

am new to Dynamo and visual programming as well and this is my very first post.

I was wondering where can i find a XYZ grid input which creates lists of points similar to array option of AutoCAD and Revit or similar to what i see in tutorial that i downloaded via Dynamo page.
am using the recent dynamo 1.1 plugin for Revit

Hi Noel,

Try this XYZ Grid 1.1.dyf (9.3 KB) Custom node. This should work for you in Dynamo version 1.1. Good Luck!

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