Wrong Annotation Location

Hii Everyone,
I noticed that when using Element.GetLocation node to get the generic annotations locations in the view of level 1 which has an elevation of zero , I got points with a Z component of 1200 mm instead of getting me 0 mm, Is there any reason for that ??

Level 1 shows the viewplane, but the annotations are placed at the cut plane depending on where they are defined in the view range. In your plan view, click on View Range property and see what number it shows for cut plane.

I noticed that also but i tried many times to change the cut plane values from view range but i get always 1200 mm

As long as an existing element is within the view range, it is gonna hold onto its Z value even if you change the view range. If you place a new element with the new cut plane Z, the new element is gonna pick the new Z.

this means that i could get many z elevation for the annotations placed in the same view in each time i added a new annotations in the view with a new view range change … this is so bad

Things can get even more complicated when you have Plan Regions. One idea is to cut /paste the elements aligned to the same view just to update the Z value (this might be risky given the type of elements you are working with - I wonder if they might pick inappropriate host if they have already been moved around). Or Set new location based on cut plane Z to keep the relationships intact.

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Why not just pull the level of the view, the plane of the level, and move the points to that location?

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Yes this what I made finally