Writing to all, Wall type parameters

Hey Guys, i wrote this script the idea, is to take the type mark of every wall type, translate in to another code. an put it in another parameter. This problem (i think) is that the script is trying to collect all the walls, instead of the uniqe types. I did, tell it to only write to uniqe walls. But i stille getting a major crash

Did upload the script aswell. Code translating v 2.0.dyn (12.3 KB)

I did try to work like this, and it works fine, the problem is now, that i have a list, and i need to feed Elements, before the node can read what im trying to tell it… Hope you guys can help me out.

Pretty straightforward. Get the walls’ type first, then the type mark using Element.GetParameterValueByName.
Then with Element.SetParameterByName you can set the fire rating.
You can add List.Unique Items after you get the type.

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