Writing curve geometry to another family

I have searched the forum but yet to find any answers regarding writing curve geometry to another family including setting Element.SetSubCategory to set the line-type and if possible associate parameters if possible but not required.

I have seen lots of nodes to write solid geometry to family’s and family instance but nothing for curves. Is this something that can be scripted or will ModelCurve.ByCurve only ever write to the open family connected to the dynamo document.

I have found this but it looks like its still going to create the curve in the open family document and not in a different one. http://wiki.theprovingground.org/revit-api-py-curves.

@erfajo been looking though your samples from the Orchid package for opening Revit families in the background and adding and setting parameters which seem great but… Have you had any luck with writing model curves etc to families in the same way.

I know the are a few nodes for creating families from geometry but these only take solids as working using Sat files. And as currently you have to be point to the correct document (family) to write geometry/curves etc to and i have a script that needs to write /update geometry in multiple families if possible.

As this was still a general question not just a linked to your package per say and could be something i could write in python if i knew where to look. Not seen anything of any help in the SDK yet. I though it was better written here than asked on your GitHub page.

If its something that is totally not possible yet happy to add a Wish/Revit on the Dynamo Git Hub page.