Write room parameter to generic model via room calculation point

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I have hit a wall on this one… What I am trying to do, is copy “parameter A”, from my room parameters to “parameter B” on my generic model, via the room calculation point on my generic model.

So for now, I have taken my rooms from my linked file. Taken the “parameter A” I want copied and converted this to a string, so that it can be written to the generic model.
Furthermore, I have defined the “Parameter B” I want the info copied to. BUT at the moment this only copies the first room information, from rooms to the first generic model on my list…


But what I would like it to do, is give the room information from the correct room, to the correct generic model, via the generic models “Room calculation point”.

At the moment this plate (generic model), shows the roomnumber “B063”, but It should have said “B002.T01”

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Hi @bjkris,

Are you sure you need the calculation point ?
You can probably set the parameter values without it.

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That looks awsome! But does’nt that give the roomnumber, based on a mechanical equipment being “Inside” the room boundry? because my doorsigns/ plates, hangs outside the room. So would’nt this give the doorsign the roomnumber of the room outside/ on the other side of the wall…?

You’re right, it gives the room number of the room where the equipment is.
I understand now why you need the calculation point.

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The only thing I found in the API is the built in parameter room calculation point.

@bjkris @Alban_de_Chasteigner

what comes to mind here is to create dynamo geometry that pierces the wall and in that way intersects the adjacent room, and get the room from there

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