Write Image to Excel


Hello everybody,

I start using dynamo for revit few days ago and I try to link Revit with Excel for a project at school.

For standard values (text, number, …) from Revit, the node : Excel.writetofile works fine in the script.
But after these standard values I tried to add an image in my Excel sheet with the same node, but this function only write the name of the image in the cell and not the image.

(I made a wrong filepath for the Excel sheet to hide the name of the file)

Do you think that it’s already possible to add a image (not only the name) with Excel.writetofile ?
Or do you think that I will have to use an other Node ?


(Sorry for the English Mistakes, French School :slight_smile: )


I do not believe that the out of the box Excel.WriteToFile node can work with images. It may be possible with the Bumblebee package, but I’m not sure.